The Go PROcast with Jeremy Torisk

The Go PROcast Episode 61 With Guest Amani Roberts

May 27, 2022

Dj AmRo talks all things Twitch! From How to make money on Twitch, to what the key is to grow a successful Twitch channel, to what equipment you need to start a Twitch Channel, and what kind of shows can you put on Twitch! In college, Amani Roberts saw Biz Markie spin at a small club. It changed his life. Now Amani—a.k.a. DJ AmRo—is a successful DJ, partnered streamer on Twitch, music producer, podcaster, educator, and business professional. Blending art with savvy business strategy, Amani has performed around the world, co-released three remix EPs, and runs a music business that caters to corporate clients. He’s also an adjunct professor at California State University (CSUF) and holds a Masters's in Music Business from Berklee College of Music. Visit, follow him @amaniexperienc, and buy his book DJ's Mean Business: One Night Behind the Turntables Can Spin Your Company's Success Questions that DJ. AmRo Answers on the show: 00:00 Amani Roberts AKA DR AmRo 09:30 Learn what moves your audience 11:00 What is Twitch? 12:50 How to make money on Twitch 14:45 What is the key to growing a successful Twitch channel? 15:45 What equipment do you need to start a Twitch Channel? 16:10 What kind of shows can you put on Twitch? 18:00 What are some things people can talk about on Twitch?

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